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Fashion Designer Retreat


Fashion Entrepreneurship Certification 

Dates: August 3 - August 10, 2019

Cost: $5,000 per person


* Includes Course tuition, accommodation, local transport, (New York, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD) Fashion Activities: Museum Visits, Factory Tour, Design Studio Workshop and Fashion Education TextBook


* Not Included: International Flight, Visas & Food. 



Description: International Fashion Entrepreneur Stacy Stube invites 20 travelers to join a Fashion Cultural Education program in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland USA. 


The patrons of this fashion adventure will spend 1-Week living the Fashion Designer life in building a new fashion collection.


The Fashion Program is based on the London College of Fashion program Stube completed with a Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship mixed with her real-life training as Head of Innovation for Fashions Unlimited.  




Friday, Aug 2 - Arrive in Baltimore, Maryland (BWI Airport) 

Saturday, Aug 3 - Baltimore Museum of Industry - Garment Loft Visit, Clock Tower Tour, Create Collection Plan


Sunday, Aug 4 - Fashion Entrepreneurship Lesson - Strategic Planning 


Monday, Aug 5 - Bus to New York, Visit Garment District, Factory Tour, Watch Show at Night


Tuesday, Aug 6 - Visit Shops & Trend Shop Retailers, Visit Fashion Head Office


Wednesday, Aug 7 - Go to Washington, DC visit Textile Museum & Smithsonian 


Thursday, Aug 8 - Visit Georgetown & Shopping areas, National Sites White House


Friday, Aug 9 - Return to Baltimore create a business plan with timeline and key milestones


Saturday, Aug 10 - Graduation at the World Trade Center - Top of the World, Outlet Shop Visit 






Fashion Factoryland

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