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Fashion Fears

How much of our lives do we spend running? Away from love, dreams and the extremes. Wishing to live safely under cover. How many lies do we keep to a heart that is lost. A wing has broken forth. Perhaps it is not the fight, but in a soft acceptance that it will hurt. Buried a conspiring fire that holds our desires. Could we not breathe space into death weights?

Standing wishing without wanting to work. Still regrettably wondering why nothing is happening? What is this foolish existence that compounds dreams into nightmares? Water stales to lose with a deer chased off. Her presence turns waves crashing.

Late is never when catching thoughts like fireflies of summer. Leaves crumble the feet between snow caps that leap. Coasting for toasting a day when we say, “no more looking”. Stand there as the door closes and charge with all your might for that last chance that happens to flight.

Sometimes we must reach beyond what we think is possible. It is between that reach and our falls that reality is formed. It is never too late to be what you love.

I wanted to walk away from the dream. I just had not factored how hard it actually was and maybe I wasn't strong enough to fight the inner battles that doubts us to stop.

In the summer I met an artist known as Break the Silhouette and together we worked to create our own expressions of artist passions coming alive.

I had so much frustration and a bit of rage for things not turning out like they had in the story that my mind wished was truth. I grabbed a pair of scissors shearing a vintage wedding dress and then I just sewed. I pricked my finger so many times and doubted the cupcake that was the skirt.

Though despite my tears and hiding under fears I sewed and sewed in the Bromo Clock tower where this journey begins. A Baltimore Fashion Dream is born October 17th 2017.

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