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Hello Mystery

It all went wrong. Everything I dreamed did not come true. It turned out completely different. I dove endlessly into the deep end and I drowned in my own mystery. Somewhere in the midst of the disappointments I found that there lived my journey. Through those ups that turned down I found my curves. I found the woman that the girl always thought could ignite. I eventually became imperfectly me.

I am getting on a plane tomorrow off to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. There is an outline of some activities full of certain responsibilities, but I will life to show me its hand. I ask to see the next iteration of the work, not just for my own hand but for many generations to come. My knees are chattering in various ways I am leveling up to the impact challenge. I know that I am meant to spread this voice for industry change.

I am ready for it. From all these set back and let downs, I know how to return to the base of the mountain. I can just keep climbing inch by inch, day by day, I return to the mission of the work . And so I write about these days in the hope that those on the other side can collide and move beyond their doubts and fears. For even in the darkest moments know that hope paired with action does not move mountains, but you can get good at climbing beyond the barriers towards progress.

Sitting at Madison House after signing the agreement to establish the Fashion Heritage Needle Trades Foundation

Searching for myself and embracing the quirky artist side that has always lived at my core

Bridging the generational divide that allows time to stand still by sewing cultural connections

Go on get it all wrong over and over again, you might just find a journey worth a lifetime

Photo Credit: Pat Bourque

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